Day 15: The Take-Over

Today begins the 4 week stretch where my student teacher takes over the class fully. I told myself to not interject, to just let her fully be in charge… I failed by 8:35am. I interjected.

It’s so hard, not because I don’t trust her, because I do. She is actually the best and most capable student teacher I have ever seen in my career. I think it’s more to do with the kiddos. They a respectful, they treat my student teacher almost nearly the same as they treat me, but in times when they don’t, I want to jump in.

The thing is, this is the real teaching; the tough kiddos, the needy kiddos, the kiddos who say your name a thousand times a day. This is it and she has to build the stamina to cope with everything that is coming at her without anyone saving her. It’s the next best thing to actually having a classroom and she’s doing great, better than great- even without my interjections!


3 thoughts on “Day 15: The Take-Over

  1. I would struggle with that so much too, just keeping my mouth shut and letting him/her work their way through it. That’s how they will learn. Glad you got a good one! Good Luck with the not interjecting!! I bet it will get easier!


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