Day 16: Procrastination

I am a procrastinator- it’s something I’ve tried to work on but it’s been years since I actually realized I was a procrastinator and I’ve made little improvements. This week I am feeling the stress of my procrastination; I have 4 days to finish half of an IU course… that started in January.

I regret not spending my weekends work on it- I could have easily done one assignment a week and been totally fine, but instead, I started working on it last week and now it’s crunch time. In this moment, I know I have to push through and just get it done, but that seems really overwhelming at this moment.

This is the procrastination life though- every single time, the same feeling of regret and dread. So here I am, sitting on my couch knowing that the next few hours of my evening will be spent working on my class instead of watching TV or just relaxing.

Natural consequences, I guess…


9 thoughts on “Day 16: Procrastination

  1. It sounds like you can do it! (Maybe you know yourself and have done this enough times before to know you can do it?!) I for one am impressed that you also got a “slice” in today, and I am so glad your deadline isn’t making you quit the challenge.


  2. But just think of all the things you were able to do while procrastinating! As a sometimes procrastinator, I feel your dread. Jumping jacks (to be repeated as needed), followed by coffee and cookies usually help me. Good luck!


  3. I do the exact same thing! I will wait until the last minute. Although I find it extremely stressful to wait until the last minute, I find I can do some of my best work! The price we pay, when we wait…you will get this done and it will be great!


  4. I’m with ya! I still have two videos to watch and two reflections to write by Friday. Don’t regret anything, you will still get it done. We don’t call it procrastination, we call it working under pressure. It helps get stuff done.


  5. Started video 1 tonight! The funny thing is that I emailed BEFORE the info came out and asked for it so I can get an early start! Who was I kidding??? Two days before the due date and I am JUST starting this! Why do I do this to myself time after time? good luck getting it done!

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