Day 31 :) Feeling Appreciative

On this last day of slicing I can’t help but think back to the first meeting I went to about the challenge. I felt pretty nervous about writing each day and letting people into my world a little bit more than I am comfortable with. My original plan was to write about the various types of Oreos and write about the fake lives of my teaching partners, but I soon realized that wasn’t going to work!

The daily conversations that stemmed from that challenge were filled with humor and on some days, panic-

“What are you going to blog about today? I’ll pay you $20 to blog for me! I don’t have anything to write about!”

Looking back, I like the idea of having to still my brain long enough to think about my day or what I’d like to share. Some slices less profound than others, but none-the-less, still a small slice of me.

I am appreciative of this challenge and can’t believe it’s already over. Time flies and pretty soon I’ll be back to school, with just 2 months to go. Most people, including me in years past, are excited at the idea there are only 2 months left. For me, I’m hoping the next 2 months go by a little bit slower. Some days at school are challenging and exhausting, but I’m lucky, my colleagues are the greatest. My teaching partners are the best, they make me laugh til I cry more often than not and I’m not sure if we’ll ever be a team of 3 again, which makes me want to enjoy the next 2 months more than ever.

This whole challenge, like most challenges, leads you to the spirit of appreciation that only a true challenge can. I’m grateful for the opportunity to read all your blogs, about the intricacies of people’s lives, that made me laugh, cry, and think about things differently. Slowing down, it is a good thing, especially for my overactive mind. I’m glad I succeeded in this March writing challenge, it has been an amazing experience and thank you to everyone who took the time to read my little slices each day!


Day 30: Binge Watching

Confession… I love reality TV and I’m still afraid to admit it, but figure that 90% of the people who will read this don’t know me, so it’s a safe place to confess!

I have done a great job today at binge watching everything from the Kardashian’s to the Real Housewives of NYC and Beverly Hills, oh and the worst one of all, Vanderpump Rules! I’m embarrassed to say that I even shed a few tears, but mostly laughed at the insanity of these people!

I think I like to watch reality TV because it is so mindless that I can disconnect for a little bit and not think about real life. I don’t have to think about my work bag that has been unceromoniously moved to the hall closet, I don’t have to think about the sizeable To-Do List that is sitting on my kitchen counter, or the fact that I should probably clean something… all I have to think about is, well nothing actually, these shows are as vapid as they come and no thinking is required!


Day 29: HBD Nancy Teresa

Today was a day to celebrate my sister Nancy, the first-born in our family and quite possibly the most beloved of us all. We all just adore her for so many reasons: her humor, generosity of spirit, unconditional love, intelligence, and her authenticity is something to be admired.

I look to her for all of the reasons above and she feels like a constant, in what is otherwise a very unpredictable world. We are 18 years apart, she the oldest and I am the youngest, but we are as close as any 2 sisters can be. No one makes me laugh harder or looks out for me and my best interest more.

Tonight we all got together to sing and eat cake in her honor. I love to sort of sit back and watch my 4 brothers dote on her, tease her, and recount memories from their childhood together. I always feel a little left out because when Catherine and I were born my other 5 siblings were all teenagers. They have the most hilarious stories, many of them centering around Nancy and all the mischievous things they all got into together as children.

What a quiet, but special night, to celebrate someone who means so much to everyone in my family.



Day 28: I Almost Forgot

I almost forgot to blog today! As I was driving home from dinner with friends I had this weird feeling like I was forgetting something and then I realized it was because I hadn’t blogged yet!

Today was a busy, but great day- I froze my butt off watching my niece’s softball game and then warmed up over a good lunch together. I love having this time off because I’m able to do little things that during the work week I’m not typically able to. My family is enormous so there is always something fun going on and I was happy to watch Francesca play so well, especially since it is her senior year.

After that, Finnegan had to get all his shots and was such a tough little guy! I even was able to fit in a nap before dinner with friends.So far, my skills in relaxing have come in handy, but my workaholic tendencies, I fear, are beginning to get rear their ugly head. I got a little antsy today as I looked at my work bag with stacks of writing to grade inside, but only for a second, as I moved my work bag from the table into the hall closet…out of sight, out of mind!


Day 27: It Wasn’t Easy

I gave up all candy for Lent and I did not cheat, not even one little time! It wasn’t  easy, believe me, I am shocked by my own self-discipline and my dedication to the Lenten sacrifice because I love candy, especially when I am stressed!

So many times, so so so many times I wanted to eat the candy in my classroom cabinet, but resisted and instead became quite fond of peanut butter Oreos- essentially trading  one vice for the other!

Easter marks the end of Lent and therefore the end of my Lenten sacrifice and I couldn’t have been more excited to eat candy! I couldn’t decide if I wanted to eat M&M’s or Jelly Beans or Reese’s Eggs…I finally decided that the Reese’s Egg was the way to go and it was just as delicious as I had imagined!

After my 2 minute candy indulgence, my focus turned to all the actual things that Easter is really about- starting my day at mass and spending the rest of the day with my family; enjoying the simple conversations, and feeling grateful for all the blessings in my life.



Day 26: It’s Worth the $45

I am conscious with my money, but I’d swear by this $45 deluxe pedicure any day of the week! This is, hands down, the best semi-spa experience you can find. Foot and leg massage, hot stone massage, paraffine wax, leg scrub, and lotion. You have to have the time though- at least 90 minutes. I of course, gladly cleared my day for this relaxing experience!

I went with my sister Nancy and that adds to the fun of the whole experience because we just laugh and chat the whole time. Just sitting for 90 minutes, being pampered, was a great way to start my time off from work!


Day 25: I’m Jumpy

I am a jumpy person, I scare easily and I’ve been this way since I was little. With 6 older siblings this quickly became one of the many ways they to tortured and teased me throughout my childhood. Honestly, they still try to scare me, it’s so easy, but makes them laugh pretty hard at my ridiculous reaction!

About an hour ago I took my dog, Finnegan for a walk and as we were walking down the sidewalk, a huge dog, that I would later find out was a Rottweiler, starting barking so loudly that I literally fell into a huge bush! I was so startled by this aggressive bark that seemingly came out of nowhere, that I lost my balance and well, found myself struggling to get out of the bush!

Several apologies later, and a helping hand from the other dog owner, I was out of the bush and on my way. I was fairly embarrassed and thought to myself that no one I know just saw me dive into a bush because of a dog barking, so I’m all good.

Less than 3 minutes later I called my sister Nancy to tell her my embarrassing story because I just had to tell someone of my new “I’m jumpy” low. Of course she laughed and made fun of me, but I expected that!

She’s super excited to tell everyone on Easter of my unfortunate incident and I can’t blame her.



Day 24: I Made It… Just Barely

I am officially on Spring Break and goodness, I’m so happy! I have been thinking about “making it” to Spring Break since I came back to school after Winter Break a week late because I got mono 😦 All I could think about all of January and February was how badly I needed an actual “break” because mono really kicked my butt!

I am excited to spend time with friends and family, and honestly, just relax. I am a self-proclaimed workaholic, but I am also a professional relaxer. I will use my relaxing talents to watch everything on my DVR and catch-up on some much needed sleep!

So here I am, I made it, just barely!



Day 23:#NationalPuppyDay

Instagram and Twitter are the holy grail for made-up, pointless, “national” holidays that can filed under, this isn’t actually a real holiday. Having said that, today is National Puppy Day and out of all the fake holidays, I can get on board with this one because I love dogs and really love my pup, Finnegan!

Finnegan is the most hilarious dog and keeps me entertained every single day! Some of his best attributes include taking long naps on the couch, going for walks, and snuggling just about anywhere.

My reasons for loving Finny so much can  be summed up in the 2 pictures below!





Day 22: When Your Coffee Tastes Like Soap

When your coffee tastes like soap because you didn’t quite rinse it as well as you had thought at 6 am in the morning.

When your coffee tastes like soap and you try to drink it anyway.

When your coffee tastes like soap and you have to pour it down the drain.

When your coffee tastes like soap and you have no plan time to go get more.

When your coffee tastes like soap and you start to get a raging caffeine headache.

When your coffee tastes like soap and you have zero energy.

When your coffee tastes like soap and you settle for a Diet Coke at lunch instead…but it’s still not the same.