Day 10: Fourteen Hours

Nearly every morning before I commit to getting out of bed and starting my day, I count the hours until I get to go to sleep again. This is a bad habit I developed in college and as we know, old habits die hard. Admittedly, I am extra tired these days, just 2.5 week away from Spring Break and the teacher fatigue is setting in.

As I’m typing this, I can feel the tired in my bones and know that I have to finish something for work before I can relax or think about going to sleep. Maybe the worst feeling for me is wanting to rest or go to sleep and not being able to. So, that’s where I’m at- tired and overwhelmed today, but on the upside, only 3 and a half hours or less until I get to go to sleep!


6 thoughts on “Day 10: Fourteen Hours

  1. I have totally done this as well! Sometimes even talking myself through my remaining tasks of the day as a pep talk.. ” All you need to do is this, this and this and then you can go to bed” I LOVE to sleep!


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