Day 11: To See Their Joy

Today I saw my students experience joy in a way that I literally have not seen all year and the emotion of it overtook me. I took my kiddos out for a mask break and we were standing on the black top, with our faces to the sun pretending we were in Florida at the beach or Hawaii in the ocean, when one of my kids started to pretend they were flying to our beach location… and then another started, and another. Their arms stretched out wide, moving side to side; it was so darling that it made me smile ear to ear.

The kids started asking (begging) if they could run around on the grass and pretend they were all airplanes flying to their desired destination- “Of course, just stay way more than 6 feet part.” I said. I have never seen them move faster, smile bigger, or laugh harder! It was just pure joy and freedom.

For a few minutes, we all were lost in the sunshine and fun and joy and laughter. I needed that moment today- to see their joy… and to see mine as well.


4 thoughts on “Day 11: To See Their Joy

  1. Wow this sounds super lovely. I definitely need to do this with my students (we just started concurrent teaching this week). I love how you conveyed their innocence- it brought joy to my heart as well.


  2. Oh, I love this. Don’t you just feel at moments like this, “THIS is why I’m a teacher?” These moments are what I’ve missed so much in the last year. Thank you for sharing this joyful picture! I love imagining those children pretending to be airplanes, “soaring’ with their arms outstretched.


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