Day 24: Storage Closet

I’m eating lunch in a storage closet. I am sitting in kindergarten chairs and at a kindergarten table, surrounded by bins and books and chairs and stools and boxes. Despite it being a little cramped, I kind of like this little space that some days I eat lunch in because it’s quiet, I can work at a table (although very teeny) and decompress just a little. 

I am not someone who has ever eaten in the lounge, I have always eaten in my room… until COVID. My students’ are eating in my classroom, so I can’t or choose not to. 

During a typical year, I like to turn the lights off, eat lunch at my table and fiddle fart on my phone. (Sidebar: Fiddle Fart is a class phrase that my husband says and I attribute the fact that I had never heard it before him saying it due to our 9 year age difference!) In general, there is less alone time due to one reason or another and some days, I need to be alone. 

I am a fairly outgoing person, but the need to have downtime and not talk or interact with people is a huge must for me. I think they call people like this ambiverts. I’m going to fact check that now… 

Definition: am·bi·vert



  1. a person whose personality has a balance of extrovert and introvert features.

I was fairly close, but none-the-less, I am an ambivert and proud of it!


6 thoughts on “Day 24: Storage Closet

  1. Just another way this pandemic has made it hard – where to find a place to eat a lunch. Last year we didn’t even HAVE a staff room! It’s tiny (can only fit 12 people no matter how we arrange the tables) so they took it for our quarantine room. We ate outside when we could, in the hallways, in the library, in our cars. That was nuts!


  2. I always considered myself an extrovert. Until the last 5 years or so. Now I’m definitely leaning towards the ambivert and maybe even an introverted extrovert! Enjoy that time and take it whenever you can get it!


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