Day 30: 4 Hours

I took a “nap” today- a 4 hour nap. My fiancé tried calling 3 times during my long sleep and I missed all his calls. When I finally came to, I called back, still sounding a little groggy.

I explained that I took a nap- a 4 hour nap and he replied, “Ummm, ton, that’s not a nap, that’s a sleep.” I started laughing and had to agree. It really exceeded the maximum time-limit for what can be considered a nap.

I think all the sleep I’ve been missing just caught up to me and today, I just let myself sleep. I don’t regret the lost time of slumber, as my mom always said, “You just have needed it.” I know I did and am grateful I had the time to catch up on some much needed sleep.


5 thoughts on “Day 30: 4 Hours

  1. Four hours . . . that’s a nap if you’re Greek or Italian!

    I’m glad you enjoyed your nap and I hope you feel somewhat energized! Although with the current wind and darkness a nap sounds perfect!


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