Day 31: Time Flies

I woke up at 630am today and as soon as my eyes opened, this being the last day of the SOL Challenge popped into my head. I cannot believe how fast the month went by; time flies when you’re blogging!

I always feel nostalgic at the end of this challenge because I’m grateful for how it made me slow done a bit. How the SOL Challenge made me think about my day, and how I can look back at my blog’s and remember what a slice of my life was on that very day. It’s for a sure a gift.

Congratulations to all the Slicers who made it to Day 31!


Day 30: 4 Hours

I took a “nap” today- a 4 hour nap. My fiancé tried calling 3 times during my long sleep and I missed all his calls. When I finally came to, I called back, still sounding a little groggy.

I explained that I took a nap- a 4 hour nap and he replied, “Ummm, ton, that’s not a nap, that’s a sleep.” I started laughing and had to agree. It really exceeded the maximum time-limit for what can be considered a nap.

I think all the sleep I’ve been missing just caught up to me and today, I just let myself sleep. I don’t regret the lost time of slumber, as my mom always said, “You just have needed it.” I know I did and am grateful I had the time to catch up on some much needed sleep.


Day 29: Catching Up & Cocktailing

Remember when you were little and you had a playdate in the afternoon and you would ask your mom a hundred times how much longer until your friend arrived because you were too excited?! That’s me today! It’s a different kid of playdate, one that involves great food and cocktails, but the excitement is the same!

Thanks to COVID it’s been a real hit minute since the 3 I’d of have gotten together and just caught up. Today is the day and I’m so looking forward to it.

Cheers to good friends!


Day 28: Gene and Jude’s

Today we are going to Gene and Jude’s and I am soooo excited! I don’t each hotdogs often, but when I do, the drive to Gene and Jude’s is worth it!

It’s an old-school hotdog place, that only takes cash and they will not put ketchup on your hotdog. I am a loser and eat plain hotdogs, BUT I do love to shove the delicious fries into the hotdog bun as I stand up and eat them!

Going to Gene and Jude’s is just a whole experience and if you have had the experience yet and live in within 25 miles or it, you should make the drive- I promise, it’ll be worth your time!


Day 27: Big Plans

I am officially on Spring Break and hit the ground running. I woke up at 7:30am and took a shower, ate breakfast, and promptly enacted my big plans for the day.

I put on comfy lounge wear, made a cup of coffee, and snuggled up on the couch with Sebastian. This is my day. These are my “big plans.” Catching up on all of my TV shows, hopefully a few documentaries, and fingers-crossed a nap.

My “big plans” sound like the perfect way to start recharging my batteries and clear my head. I need a day to be still and a day to not think about anything. I’m grateful for days like this.


Day 26: I Made It

I made it to Spring Break! I have worked so hard to get everything done that I need to in order to not work at all over break and it’s FINALLY here!!! I am too excited and all the sudden have a burst of energy. To all my fellow teachers, we did it… I hope everyone does whatever it is that you need to feel ready for the last stretch of arguably the weirdest and most challenging school year of our lives!


Day 25: Senese Superstore

Today is a big day in 3rd grade. Today, the kiddos in my class get to shop at the Senese Superstore and they are pumped! The store is not set up in the morning, so when they came in every single kid asked me if we were still having it; I could sense the panic in their voices! My students’ are able to earn Fox Bucks for completing assignments at home during their remote days, i-Ready practice, and for exhibiting positive behaviors in school. I am really proud of my students’ for making it through this year thus far- it’s not been easy on anyone and they feel so much pride when they earn Fox Bucks.

Back to the Senese Superstore… I set up the store as they were in PE and when they walked a back into the classroom they all ran to get a preview of all the toys and fun stuff I had bought for them. They slowly walked past each table with the different priced items and commented on which items they wanted to buy. It’s honestly, the cutest thing ever and it’s worth every cent I spend, because it’s like watching joy personified!


Day 24: Blah

Today is a blah day. I have nothing great or fun or interesting to write about. I did get a good night’s sleep, but still feel lethargic. I’m in need of Spring Break and time to regain my energy. I think the last couple of months have caught up with me. I am hoping that tomorrow I’ll have something great or fun or interesting to write about, but as for today, it’s just blah.


Day 23: Father-Approved

As I have blogged about before, I am not a great cook, but I’ve been really trying over the last several months. Yesterday I made Cream of Tuscan Tortellini (it’s the main soup I make) and it was delicious! A couple of times a week I bring my dad dinner and today I brought him some of the soup.

I warmed it up, prepared the whole thing and was dying for him to try it, because I still want my dad’s approval even at 38. My dad is pretty chatty so it took him like almost 10 minutes just to try the first spoonful, but once he did, he said he loved it!

I don’t know why, but it made me so happy that he liked it so much. I think at times, we all revert to our childlike selves and want our parents’ to be proud of us, even if it is just something small, like soup.


Day 22: No Jacket Weather

Today was the first day I did dismissal duty without a jacket on. I wait for this day every year because it means that, fingers crossed, it really is Spring. I wasn’t in a rush to get back inside because I freezing or because my shoes were wet from the snow; I just enjoyed watching the kids chat with one another and waved a warm smile to parents as I sent my students’ home for the day.

I love Spring- it’s my favorite season. Mostly because it feels like the promise of everything new and after a long year and long winter, that feels like something to smile about.