Day 1: Sundays

I cherish Sundays; even more-so these days. I cherish them so much, I am writing another blog post in honor of Sundays. It is a day for mass, family, cooking, and naps. I try to protect my Sundays from anything that interrupts the things I cherish; protect it from the Sunday Scaries that start to creep in right about 2pm. Yesterday was tough, I had to fight hard to push out the scaries. 

The Gospel’s message I had heard in mass early that morning had begun to fade, the laughter of being with my dad, and my two brothers was a distant memory, and glimpses of my busy week kept flashing in my head. I have to actively tell myself to push the thoughts out and be present to enjoy the relaxation of watching TV or cooking Sunday dinner. 

I wish it wasn’t so hard. I wish I could let Sunday be Sunday and Monday be Monday. The good news is that each day is a new opportunity to practice being present. 

So far, so good; today, I’m just letting Monday be Monday.