Day 31: Time Flies

I woke up at 630am today and as soon as my eyes opened, this being the last day of the SOL Challenge popped into my head. I cannot believe how fast the month went by; time flies when you’re blogging!

I always feel nostalgic at the end of this challenge because I’m grateful for how it made me slow done a bit. How the SOL Challenge made me think about my day, and how I can look back at my blog’s and remember what a slice of my life was on that very day. It’s for a sure a gift.

Congratulations to all the Slicers who made it to Day 31!


4 thoughts on “Day 31: Time Flies

  1. Yay! I really never thought about it that way – how it made me really stop and slow down to think about my day. I used to journal a lot… maybe I should go back to that. It definitely makes you slow down and think. 🙂


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