Day 28: Gene and Jude’s

Today we are going to Gene and Jude’s and I am soooo excited! I don’t each hotdogs often, but when I do, the drive to Gene and Jude’s is worth it!

It’s an old-school hotdog place, that only takes cash and they will not put ketchup on your hotdog. I am a loser and eat plain hotdogs, BUT I do love to shove the delicious fries into the hotdog bun as I stand up and eat them!

Going to Gene and Jude’s is just a whole experience and if you have had the experience yet and live in within 25 miles or it, you should make the drive- I promise, it’ll be worth your time!


7 thoughts on “Day 28: Gene and Jude’s

  1. Donuts are another type of food where people will go great distances. We get a couple of dozen Do Rite donuts whenever we’re downtown Chicago. I think it’s the distance that makes them taste extra special. Enjoy your hot dog!


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