Day 25: Senese Superstore

Today is a big day in 3rd grade. Today, the kiddos in my class get to shop at the Senese Superstore and they are pumped! The store is not set up in the morning, so when they came in every single kid asked me if we were still having it; I could sense the panic in their voices! My students’ are able to earn Fox Bucks for completing assignments at home during their remote days, i-Ready practice, and for exhibiting positive behaviors in school. I am really proud of my students’ for making it through this year thus far- it’s not been easy on anyone and they feel so much pride when they earn Fox Bucks.

Back to the Senese Superstore… I set up the store as they were in PE and when they walked a back into the classroom they all ran to get a preview of all the toys and fun stuff I had bought for them. They slowly walked past each table with the different priced items and commented on which items they wanted to buy. It’s honestly, the cutest thing ever and it’s worth every cent I spend, because it’s like watching joy personified!


3 thoughts on “Day 25: Senese Superstore

  1. How fun! This totally reminded me- I totally forgot about how when I taught 3rd grade my kiddos earned Seidelbucks (based on my former last name) and would shop!! Hmmm might have to bring this back next year.. brunke bucks perhaps 😊. I love the name too- senese superstore!!
    Thanks for the reminder of something fun and different!


  2. mrssurridge says:

    You are so thoughtful to set up something like this. But I’m sensing that you got just as much enjoyment from it as they did.


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