Day 22: No Jacket Weather

Today was the first day I did dismissal duty without a jacket on. I wait for this day every year because it means that, fingers crossed, it really is Spring. I wasn’t in a rush to get back inside because I freezing or because my shoes were wet from the snow; I just enjoyed watching the kids chat with one another and waved a warm smile to parents as I sent my students’ home for the day.

I love Spring- it’s my favorite season. Mostly because it feels like the promise of everything new and after a long year and long winter, that feels like something to smile about.


6 thoughts on “Day 22: No Jacket Weather

  1. Sharon G. says:

    It was beautiful today! We took our kids out to walk the track during lunch/homebase. Fingers crossed that spring is finally here!


  2. I hear ya! Today was not my day to walk kinders out but I went anyways. Especially since the next few days won’t be as nice!! Hoping spring will be here to stay sooner than later!


  3. As I was going back into the building after dismissal yesterday, I couldn’t help but notice another teacher just standing outside the back doors, mask down, face tipped up to the sky, eyes closed. It feels SO good!


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