Day 21: Unrested

I am a vivid dreamer- I remember all my dreams and I’ve had 2 reoccurring dreams since I was little. When I dream, real life dreams, meaning that I’m at work, with my current co-workers/students, I wake up feeling completely unrested.

Last night’s dream consisted of one of my student’s following me everywhere I went. I was basically being chased by her. She is, by all accounts, a very needy kid and always wants my attention. I assume that’s the reason for the dream, that tension I feel when she is trying to have a running conversation with me all day has now transferred over into my dreams.

I feel extraordinarily unrested because the dreams feel so real and I’m stressed throughout it. I am hoping to snap out of the tired and get outside to enjoy the sun and the nice weather. I do, however, see a nap in my future.


3 thoughts on “Day 21: Unrested

  1. Although I usually don’t remember entire dreams, I sometimes remember unnerving snippets of the most vivid one. Then there are partially remembered recurring ones. I have serious breathing problems and at night, before diagnosism would dream of running everywhere.


  2. I hope you got to rest today! I always wake up from a dream thinking “I will totally remember this one” and about 10 minutes later, I can’t even remember who or what it was about!


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