Day 17: The Room is Spinning

Twice a year I get vertigo and it’s awful. It happens a lot when the weather changes in a quick and extreme way… like 60 degrees to 30 degrees for example. The room is spinning a lot less than it was this morning when I got out of bed and fell into my night stand. But I have taken my vertigo meds and done all 3 of the crazy exercises I was taught to do when I have it so the crystal moves out of my inner ear and balance is restored.

There’s not much you can do when you have vertigo, so I slept and went over and over how much I have to do and can’t. The overthinking was… I mean is so hard for me to deal with. It produces anxiety and the truth is, I just have to wait until it fully passes and then life goes on. I’m trying to tell myself that over and over.

But, at least I am able to kind of sit up to type this blog so that one of my responsibilities is taken care of, even though the room is still spinning.


5 thoughts on “Day 17: The Room is Spinning

  1. This sounds terrible. I can relate to the anxiety created by physical abnormalities. Your mind wants to fight it, but your body says ‘no’. You sound like you are being positive about it. “All will be well, and all will be well, and all manner of things will be well.” This is some saying I heard when I’m about to lose it. Sometimes it helps. Get better soon.


  2. Oh my! I worked with someone who suffered from this, and it was so difficult for her to work through. I hope it passes quickly. It is hard when there is so much to do, but self-care comes first.


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