Day 13: On This Day…

A year ago today, I took a half day at work because I was exhausted and only had a morning meeting with the coaching team. We had worked for days in a row to get packets out to our respective families at our home schools because by this point knew we were going to miss a week of school before and possibly after spring break.

Kids never stepped foot in our schools’ again that year. Classrooms and offices were left as if we’d return; dates frozen on the board for months- March 13, 2020.

A year later, we are all different people. How could we not be? I remember the isolation all too well- wishing I could see my family and friends so badly. I lived alone at that time and felt a type of loneliness that I’d never experienced before. Anxiety was high, with a level of fear to match. As each part of our normal lives faded away, so did a little bit of myself.

And here we are today, a year later, still enduring the impact of the pandemic, but with so much hope that a return to normal is near. My fear, anxiety, and isolation have been replaced with hope, love, and happiness.

I realized today, as I was thinking about what a year of life really holds, and that each year if my life, since I was 20, has been drastically different from the previous. This past year is no exception.


3 thoughts on “Day 13: On This Day…

  1. I remember that day so well and if anyone had told me then that we would be where we are a year later I never would have believed it. I am so glad that on this anniversary we at least have some hope.


  2. Sara T. says:

    I love the line “what a year of life really holds”. I can’t think of a single one that has felt the same. Especially in education our roles often change, our students change, sometimes we change buildings. I love the reflection in this piece.

    I was sure we’d be back after spring break…


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