Day 8: Puppy Problems

I love my puppy. I really do. Sebastian is adorable and fluffy and hilarious and sweet. Sebastian also doesn’t sleep at night and climbs on my face and is very nippy and is a lunatic for about one hour every single night, beginning at 9pm. I was so tired this morning and subsequently all day because I didn’t sleep well courtesy of my adorable, rambunctious puppy. Bashy needed to be taken out 3 times and let me know this by crying in my face and bopping around on my bed.

We should have made him sleep in his crate at night, I thought to myself as I was pushing him off of my face at 3am. The thing is, when we got him, he was literally under 2 lbs. and was just too teeny to be left alone. He cried and cried when we tried to have him sleep in his crate at night and since we were exhausted, we took the path of least resistance and had him sleep in our bed. He was snuggly and gave sweet little kisses with his teeny tiny tongue. It all made my hear swell. It made my heart swell until he decided to start using my face and stomach as a jungle gym. Sigh.

I am a reflective person by nature, so on my drive home, I started to think about all these puppy problems and then it hit me- I don’t really have puppy problems… I have parenting problems and I’m the parent! I don’t expect sympathy, but just in case anyone wants to throw this tired fur mama any, I’ve posted a couple adorable pictures of my baby, Sebastian!


5 thoughts on “Day 8: Puppy Problems

  1. Orval Jewett says:

    Such beautiful writing. As I read this, I was reminded of a favorite cat. I had plenty of dogs as a child, growing up, but only a couple of cats. One of them, Ming, was an amazing pet and companion. He actually took care of us by making sure the vegetable garden and back yard were clear of vermin. Thanks so much for reminding me about my own beloved pet.

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  2. Ah, the joys of being a dog mom. I love the nights when Poncherillo requires frequent potty breaks because he is well, old. The pain is real. The pictures make up for it as your guy is incredibly beautiful. The things we do in the name of dogs.

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  3. MJ Strong says:

    What a cutie pie! The way you described him and what he does to you at night made me smile. What a visual! It’s such a good thing they are so cute!

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