Day 6: Family Walk and Talk

I always loved taking walks; the duel purpose of moving my body and having company while I walk. Today, we had a little impromptu family walk and talk. Sebastian is learning how to walk on a leash and we are learning how to enjoy the outdoors again.

The five of us walked through the muddy, snowy forest preserve and talked about nothing, but I loved it. We laughed at Bashy and how he wants to carry his leash in his mouth and how is XS harness is still big on him.

The sun was shining and the cool breeze made me feel like I could breathe again- the feeling of being free to just enjoy the moment. This little walk and talk was so ordinary, but I loved it so much. I can’t wait for more ordinary family walk and talks… and for Bashy to figure out how to walk in leash!


6 thoughts on “Day 6: Family Walk and Talk

  1. Simple pleasures are the best! That’s the one plus of this crazy time we are living through- the time for these simple family outings, without much hype, but with so much comfort. I’m glad you has a sweet Saturday!

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