Day 4: No Pain, No Gain.

I feel like I got hit by a bus. Not a small bus either- like a super big one. Yesterday, I was lucky enough to get my second vaccination shot and I’m so beyond grateful that I was able to get one. That’s what I started telling myself over and over again at 3:30am when I got up to go to the bathroom and was stunned by how I felt. The aches, the headache, and this weird, tight feeling in my stomach. I put in for a sick day in the middle of the night with one eye barely open because I knew right away, this was going to be a rough day. And a rough day it was.

I have been switching from my bed to the couch all day, trying to get comfortable and hoping that the medicine would kick in. It’s almost 5pm and I think I’ve turned a corner. I took a cold shower in hopes that it would wake me up enough to feel semi-human. It worked, sort of. But the truth is, despite not feeling great, I am so damn thrilled to have been able to get fully vaccinated and after all, no pain, no gain, right?!


11 thoughts on “Day 4: No Pain, No Gain.

  1. I like the name of your blog. I have heard that about the second shot, so I appreciate you going into some detail about how it felt. Now I am a bit anxious, but excited too.


  2. Not going to lie, I’m scared now. I’m getting mine tomorrow, but what you went through does not sound appealing. I hope you are feeling better and are able to enjoy the weekend.


  3. Lydia Dudenas says:

    I’m heading for my second tomorrow, so thanks for the heads up! Hope you continued to improve. Just keep thinking….this is temporary:)


  4. rotha says:

    I hope you are feeling better now. The side effects mean the vaccine is doing what it is supposed to be doing. Yay for that!


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