Day 3: Cooking Queen-ish

“What do we want to eat for dinner tonight?”

“I don’t know, we’ll figure it out.”

Five o’clock rolls around and we are still figuring it out. Anybody else feel me?

I’m pretty sure cooking is supposed to be enjoyable… for most people, anyway. Just the discussion about what we are going to eat for dinner makes me feel stressed. 

By all accounts, cooking makes me nervous and cranky because I constantly overthink the entire experience. I am so fearful of the food tasting bad that I cannot enjoy the experience of it at all. Sometimes I’m so tense, I think my shoulders are up by my ears!

I come from a long line of amazing cooks and bakers- I didn’t inherit that gene, at least I don’t think. I take that back, I know I didn’t. I’ve had more mishaps in the kitchen than I’d like to admit (they are kind of hilarious, but still too embarrassing to write about)! 

Having said that, I cook a lot these days. I am not just cooking for myself anymore and that fact brings a smile to my face. But, the thing is, cooking dinner feels like a lot of pressure- just figuring out what to cook is stressful! I for sure did not get that before and now I can’t get over how many conversations revolve around what we are going to eat for any given meal. 

I know, I know- we could sit down on Sundays and plan out dinners for the week and then go shopping for all the food needed. I’ve tried… many times. It doesn’t work for us. We stray from the plan and it’s just a mess. 

The moral of the story is, I’ve had 2 conversations today about what we are having for dinner, I still have no idea, and I’m already overthinking about it and worried that it’ll turn out bad, even though I don’t know what the it is. 

If anybody has any ideas for delicious dinners that a newly crown Cooking Queen-ish can cook, let me know!


9 thoughts on “Day 3: Cooking Queen-ish

  1. Sara T. says:

    I can completely relate to this post!! Why is figuring it out each night SO stressful! I am only good at cooking when I can follow directions. I have no idea how people have natural inclinations and just wing it. Not a chance for me!


  2. Vickie says:

    Lol! Toni!!! I spent two hours on Uber Eats weighing the options of going out vs eating. I feel you. I can plan all day long and some days things just don’t go as planned. I’m sure that anything you make will be great


  3. Greek meals are the easiest – grab some kind of meat (chicken, pork, beef) and season it with salt, pepper, oregano, olive oil, and lemon juice; cut potatoes into wedges and season it with salt, pepper, oregano, olive oil, and lemon juice; put some water in the pan, bake it, eat! My nephew always says, “Kooks doesn’t make a lot of stuff, but whatever she does make is delicious!” Let me know if you want more recipes.


  4. Preach. Before the pandemic we would at least go out once in a while when I wasn’t in the mood to cook. Now it’s make a meal every single night! Yikes! Let me just say I keep a stash of frozen pizzas for the nights when I just can’t. My mom talked me into ordering Every Plate and that has helped about a bit. Once every 3-4 weeks I order a box with three meals. All the ingredients and recipes are right there so no deciding — but a lot of chopping. Ha! It does reduce the need to overthink it.


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