Day 1: Sundays

I cherish Sundays; even more-so these days. I cherish them so much, I am writing another blog post in honor of Sundays. It is a day for mass, family, cooking, and naps. I try to protect my Sundays from anything that interrupts the things I cherish; protect it from the Sunday Scaries that start to creep in right about 2pm. Yesterday was tough, I had to fight hard to push out the scaries. 

The Gospel’s message I had heard in mass early that morning had begun to fade, the laughter of being with my dad, and my two brothers was a distant memory, and glimpses of my busy week kept flashing in my head. I have to actively tell myself to push the thoughts out and be present to enjoy the relaxation of watching TV or cooking Sunday dinner. 

I wish it wasn’t so hard. I wish I could let Sunday be Sunday and Monday be Monday. The good news is that each day is a new opportunity to practice being present. 

So far, so good; today, I’m just letting Monday be Monday.


9 thoughts on “Day 1: Sundays

  1. Rebecca Atwood says:

    I wish every weekend was a three-day weekend so those Sunday Scaries were a thing of the past. I totally understand the feeling of trying to cherish Sundays without the thought of Monday. Thanks for sharing!

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  2. I’m with you – I cherish Sundays. I love that you mention that each day is a moment to be present. That couldn’t be more true! I also love your blog title. It is a pleasure to meet a fellow overthinker, anonymous. Here is to Tuesday! GB


  3. I completely agree! I try to leave school on Friday prepared for the week ahead so nothing school related needs to be dealt with on Sunday, but unfortunately this Sunday was spent mostly with work-related conversations. There’s always next weekend!

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  4. Vickie says:

    Aww. I have began to spend my Sunday’s thinking of what music I’ll blast on Monday. For now, It seems to be working. Thank you for sharing with us.


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