Day 30: The To-Do List

Before break started I made a huge to-do list that I was highly determined to get through over my week long break. Well, it’s Friday and my break is rapidly coming to an end and I have yet to get through a quarter of the to-do list. See, I am a really good relaxer. I never get bored. Because I find easy ways to occupy my time, somehow the days just pass me by and before you know it, you have a crap-ton of stuff to accomplish and very few days to do it.

I feel like I accomplished something today because I sent off the final little bits of documentation to the processor for my home loan, I am blogging now, I put away my laundry, and I had 2 cups of coffee. That feeling of accomplishment is a little diminished because out of the corner of my eye I see the long, long list of other things I needed to check off over break. How many more things should I be expected to do in one day when I’m on break? Like 3 more? Is that reasonable?



4 thoughts on “Day 30: The To-Do List

  1. I have a list to work off of almost every day. Many of them are not realistic as I have to carry over the items from day to day and occasionally from week to week. I am just now getting a few things done that I wanted to get done last month. It is all okay. Good to relax. Your list will help you to know where to pick up again! Good Luck!


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