Day 29: And So the Packing Begins…

I love to pack. I love the instant gratification of it. I’m trying to get ahead of the game and start packing little by little because April 19th will be here before you know it.

The only hiccup in this process is that I want to reread every card that is in my drawer, look through every picture I come across, and take time deciding if I’m keeping the sweater I haven’t worn in 2 years or not. It really slows down the packing productivity, but I think it’s worth it in the end because I get a little reminiscing and my “good-will” pile is growing steadily.

Packing also gives me plenty of opportunities to throw things away, which is my other favorite pastime. The only left to do is to find willing and able people to help me move the crazy amount of stuff I’ve packed!


4 thoughts on “Day 29: And So the Packing Begins…

  1. Oh this is me, but when trying to clean and get organized not necessarily packing. It’s a slow process, but you will be so appreciative that you took the time to sort and organize before you pack up. My cousin moved last April and she recently came across a bag labeled “laundry room floor.” It has not been opened in more than a year, but she was hesitant to just toss without peeking.


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