Day 27: The Bridenstine Kids

My sister has 3 kids; Michael (13), Olivia (10), and John (7). I used to see them once or twice a week when I lived down the street, but since I moved I don’t see them nearly as much as I used to. Since we are all in break and I’m dog sitting for my other sister who lives down the street, it’s the perfect opportunity to get in some time with the Bridenstine kids.

As soon as I walked in the house the dog starts wagging his tail, John starts running down the stairs, and Olivia grabs my hand guiding me up the stairs that John is running down because she wants to show me the new color her dad painted her room. My 13 year old nephew is too cool and gives me a quick wave and then proceeds to play his video game.

The choas of the first few minutes gives way to the kids kind of doing their own thing and my sister and I talking about nothing at the kitchen island. But, I love it- I love just being around them, they are kind and funny and enegetic and loving. I miss seeing them often and hearing them call for me, “Auntie Toni, come here, I want to show you…” I am grateful summer is just a couple months away because I wouldn’t mind being greeted by the tail-wagging dog, being dragged up the stairs, and being asked to see the most mundain of things maybe once a week or so. Those Brisenstine kids sure made my day today. ❤️


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