Day 26: Manicure Monday

Before I even get into everything, I have to say that I get that I am never happy with my manicures; it’s always one thing or another and that’s totally annoying if you are a friend of mine and have to listen to me complain. Never might a tad strong, but I would say 98% of the time I don’t like one thing or another about my manicure.

This morning I went to a nail salon that I used to go to when I lived in Aurora and that typically did a better job that most other places. So today I went for it mani/pedi combo to kick off spring break. I sat down in the chair and was excited to soak my feet in the hot water… but it was freezing cold. No biggie, that was an easy fix. Then a nice lady came and made sure I wanted a manicure as well, I nodded my head yes and figured that after my pedicure she’d start my manicure.

Before I knew it, she was grabbing my arms, making me shift my body so that she could do my manicure while I was getting my pedicure. By now, maybe some of you are rolling your eyes, but here’s the thing, I really go for the relaxation and there was nothing about being yanked around in the chair so that she could dig into my cuticles at a weird angle that was relaxing. In addition to that, she also cut 2 of my fingers a little because she was at a weird angle.

I 100% get that these annoyances are just that and that I’m being a little bratty about my mani/pedi experience, but truthfully, I just hate being disappointed when I’m trying to do something to take care of me. I digress. Everything turned out to be ok, I picked a pretty spring color and the massage portion of the mani/pedi made he annoyances worth it.

Having said all that, does anybody have a really great nail salon in Naperville they could recommend? I’m in desperate need! 🙂


10 thoughts on “Day 26: Manicure Monday

  1. I am so surprised they were trying to give you a manicure at the same time. That’s crazy. I used to love Golden Nail Spa which is walking distance from our home. Over the years, my favorite people do not work there and I haven’t been as happy with how long my pedicures last.

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  2. I totally feel you. And honestly, I feel this way so often, it’s made me stop going. I am WAY too picky, thinking “Um, you left a little close to the left side of my nail bed unpainted… Do you need to me get it for you?” “You didn’t get all of that hangnail. Do you see it there?” or “Please please don’t file the end of my nails after you have sealed the shellac. You know that’s going to make it peal quicker, right?”

    However, I have been to ME Spa once in Naperville. I really liked it! And, I like this spot on Woodridge/Darien near the TJ Maxx on 75th and Lemont. It’s tucked back past TJ near a fro-yo spot and Dollar General. Good luck find a good spot!


  3. Mirielle says:

    Ugh!! My niece and I got ours done in Texas today and it was the same. Both AT ONCE! Not a fan. Not relaxing. I couldn’t pay attention to what either was doing AND chat with my niece. I am also never totally happy, I feel like my heels are still too dry!!!


  4. That’s the reason why I do my own pedicures and manicures. I will have to tell you about my cool Red Devil tool that I use for my pedicures. You might need a massage after your experience today.


  5. As long as this one doesn’t require a visit to the doctor, then I say you are ahead of the game! And you should’ve told me as I would’ve met ya, or rather have you come to my local place that I love and have never had problems with. Or maybe not, especially if you are just going to jinx my favorite place 😉


  6. I mean, I know you love a good mani, but I’m starting to wonder if the universe is trying to stop you from getting them….

    That experience sounds totally awkward and not relaxing. Uck.


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