Day 23: Did You Know…

I can safely say that I learn something new every day and I really love that my job is always teaching me new things. Today while lunch was finishing up one of the fellow coaches wanted to tell us something that they had learned this week.

Totally normal, we’re all dorks and love to learn new stuff, but said coach was laughing so hard they could barley spit out the words. You know when someone starts laughing so hard and then you start laughing just because they are? Multiple that by 9 and you have a table full of people laughing and they don’t even know why yet!

We were crying laughing, doubled-over at one another laughing and uh, those are the best moments. It’s the kind of laughter that makes your make up run down your face, grab for a tissue to dry your tears, and that you have to catch your breath from.

Just when I thought we couldn’t laugh any harder, the coach reveals the big thing he learned this week and says, “I learned that trees do not live forever. Did you know trees don’t live forever? ” I get that it doesn’t sound that funny, but the truth is, the question sort of stunned us and we were like, huh, did I know that teees don’t live forever? Do they die of natural causes and what does that even mean?

You definately had to be there, but take my word for it, you would have been crying laughing too. But for real, did you know that trees don’t live forever?



5 thoughts on “Day 23: Did You Know…

  1. I started laughing at this all over again! The best part was how hard it was for this person to even say what it was! So fun! But it makes me wonder…how many common things are there that I don’t know? Hmmmm

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