Day 21: Pump Your Legs

Remember when you learned how to swing on a swing and your parents would be coaching you through, yelling, “pump your legs?” I vividly remember those days despite the fact that they were so long ago! This morning I was on my way to work and as I was driving I passed a house that has a tree swing. There was a little girl pumping away and swinging so high it actually made me a little nervous!

The sun was shining and this little girl looked as happy as any kid I’ve ever seen- I mean who wouldn’t want a before-school swing session to get your day started off right? It got me thinking about the morning rituals and routines I have and if they make me as a happy and carefree as the little girl swinging. The answer is, not really.

I think the addition of my morning reading from 100 Days of Brave might be the toe dip I needed to make my mornings more enjoyable and not so rushed. It’s weird to think about different things I could do that would bring more joy into the morning and set my day up for success. I’ll have to think about that more in the next coming days. I am grateful for the little bit of inspiration I got from the girl who definitely knew the art of pumping her legs!


6 thoughts on “Day 21: Pump Your Legs

  1. totally hang a swing in your new place and swing every morning. i like how you talked about pumping the legs to get going and then thinking of ways to pump yourself up in the morning because both are self-propelled means for adding a little pep to the morning. the synergy there is brilliant! and i can’t believe you, of all people, were actually nervous! ha. fun read.

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  2. Love the visual of this little girl. Now I’m wondering about my own morning ritual…how can I “pump up” my day, too? Maybe with your new place can come new morning routines!


  3. Mornings are so hard! When I was a kid I remember jumping on the trampoline in my back yard before school. That was so fun. Now I feel like by the time I get to work the most stressful part of my day is actually over.


  4. Oh yes!! What an interesting observation. I have never considered myself a “morning person”. However, maybe if I changed up my routine to bring about a little joy in the morning, that could get me going! Great slice, Toni!


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