Day 20: I Got My Sticker!

Today I voted. Today I also got my sticker. Two years ago, I was unceremoniously denied my sticker after I voted and I wrote an angry blog about it for the SOL challenge. I have to say I was slightly apprehensive that I would not get my sticker as I walked up to the door at my voting precinct. That worry lasted about 2 seconds because just as I stepped over the curb I looked up and saw a mom coaching her daughter on how to pose for a picture with her sticker.

In my previous blog I had mused about the importance of the “I Voted” sticker and this very odd ritual of documenting that you voted by posting an obligatory photo to prove that you actually voted. I was obviously scarred by this unfortunate incident, but was reassured that today would not be a repeat, I was going to get my sticker!

I opened the door to the gym at the junior high where I was going to vote and was shocked by the long line. Sometimes I don’t mind a long line because it gives me a self-imposed mental break. I stood in line and to my right were 2 rambunctious boys playing catch with an eraser and right away I thought how the last thing I want to is listen to annoying kids after a long day at school. I know, it’s a little harsh, but that’s just the truth. I quickly scanned the gym for their mom and then a wave of nostalgia came over me.

I have such vivid memories of going with my mom to my elementary school as she voted when I was a child. I went with her when I was able to vote in my first election- that was a really special milestone. I always admired how knowledeagable she was about politics and how she loved to exercise her right to vote.

As I was recounting these memories a small smile came over me. I love those unexpected moments where I am reminded of my mom, especially when it is some obscure memory that may have never been brought into my consciousness had the 2 boys not been playing catch with that eraser.

I waited in line another 5 minutes, just enjoying the time to myself and then chuckled a little remembering how upset I was 2 years ago when I didn’t get my sticker. Having said that, I have to admit, after voting, I was happy to get my “I Voted” sticker! I proudly headed out the door and immediately stuck my sticker on my coat!



4 thoughts on “Day 20: I Got My Sticker!

  1. I love how the two boys sparked a memory of you and your angel Mommy. I hold that same memory close to my heart. Waiting in line while my Mom voted and then turning 18 and voting at my elementary school with my Mom by my side. How lucky are we?

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  2. First of all, I’m disappointed that I didn’t see an obligatory selfie anywhere. What’s the point of a sticker if you aren’t going to publicize it??

    Second, I love how this blog that was seemingly ‘just’ about a sticker turned into a quiet reflection about the importance of memories. That was a nice surprise as I was reading.


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