Day 19: Be Brave

I started reading 100 Days of Brave: Devotions for Unlocking Your Most Courageous Self at the urging of my niece. I can’t say I was surprised by her book recommendation, I at times can be pretty fearful. I am not fearful of bugs, snakes, heights or anything like that- more fearful of my future or things not working out. This daily devotional focuses on building up your self-belief and also asks you to be reflective. Today is my 6th day and I feel quite empowered by the words and how the author asks you to recall moments in your past when you have been brave. Each day the author challenges you to tell your story of bravery to someone, so today I decided I’d blog about.

As I was sitting on my bed this morning thinking about a time when I had been brave in my own life, right away I thought of when I had chosen to leave the very first school I taught at to pursue working in public schools. I remember when I had made the decision, it was quite early on in the school year, but once I decide, I decide. I felt compelled to give myself the opportunity to do more, learn more, and impact students more. Leaving the comfort of your very first school is hard, but I am grateful I was brave enough.

Throughout that process, I remember feeling scared all the time, but not enough to stop me. I think that’s how I always feel though, a little bit scared, but my desire to be happy, to feel fulfilled, and to realize my dreams is much stronger than the fear. Maybe I am brave after all. Perhaps my bravery is just masked by a series of overthinking things and taking things a little bit slower; I guess I’ll have to accept what my bravery looks like for the time being and try not to be too hard on myself!



7 thoughts on “Day 19: Be Brave

  1. I love this line: “I guess I’ll have to accept what my bravery looks like…” and that the author is asking you to think about how you have been brave in the past. I also think slicing about it shows your bravery.

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  2. Michelle says:

    Toni, your bravery lead our paths to cross and that I will forever be grateful. I am glad that you are sharing your journey of bravery with us. I think I might need to get a copy of that book and read it with my oldest. I thik we could both use a dose of unlocking our bravery.

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