Day 18: Sunday Funday… at Mariano’s?

If you have never grocery shopped at Mariano’s, you should. I make this suggestion not based on the quality of food or the prices, but the simple fact that on any given day, it’s like grocery shopping on steroids! People are drinking at the bar, walking around with wine as they shop, or eating at the oyster bar. It is literally a whole thing that I had never known about until I started shopping at Mariano’s!

When I shop, I go through the store in the same order, same path, and same food. As I entered the store today, I felt a little bit of a buzz, people were extra chatty and there was an energy; maybe it was the weather breaking a little and the feeling of spring was taking over. Fruit, salad, and lunch meat in tow, I rounded the corner and looked to my left to see the bar was packed! I mean, every seat taken and a small line had formed of people waiting to get a beverage to enjoy during their shopping expedition.

I stood for a second with my cart and just starred at the group of people waiting to get a drink at the grocery store- there was perhaps a slight undertone of judgement at this seemingly ridiculous act. I tried to maneuver my cart around the crowd and found myself contemplating joining in the grocery shopping/wine fun. I mean, in the spirit of Sunday Funday, why not?! About 2 minutes later I had a glass of white wine in hand and took a slow sip, not quite comfortable with my new shopping accessory.

I have to say that as I slowly pushed my cart up and down the aisles, getting my yogurt, bread, and eggs, I felt a little silly taking sips of my wine in between the aisles, but secretly loved the silliness of it all. This just may be the new me- Home Depot on Friday nights and day drinking wine while grocery shopping. Like I said before, adulting is a real slippery slope.


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