Day 14: Eighty

After class today I raced over to my brother’s house to celebrate my dad’s 80th birthday. My family is big, really big. My family is loud, really loud. My father is quiet, really quiet and in his older age he typically just sits at the table and observes all of the laughter and hi-jinx of his kids and grandkids. He occasionally cracks a smile or a small laugh, but mostly I think he just observes his family and I really do mean his family.

The reason we are who we are is because of him and my mom. He created the foundation for our family and it’s nights like tonight that I am aware of how blessed we are to have one another. My dad always instilled the importance of family and because of that, we love to be around each other. I never feel more myself than when I am around my family. There is no judgement, no jealousy, just love and admiration that manifests itself is teasing and joking.

As I mentioned, my family is big and I love that there are 6 or 7 groups of us around the house, laughing together about nothing and everything. I am especially grateful for the simplicity of tonight’s celebration; we needed a respite from the stress of the last few weeks and suspended all of that to just enjoy each other’s company.

I needed tonight, we all did and I think my dad was happy too. As he blew out each of his candles, I couldn’t help but wonder what he wished for…whatever it was, I hope it comes true.


4 thoughts on “Day 14: Eighty

  1. Amanda Regan says:

    I suspect your dad already had received his wish: to be surrounded by his wonderful family. Your slice conveys the happiness of your family gatherings well.


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