Day 12: Offer Accepted

I got a congratulatory text from my realtor today just before 1:30pm telling me that the seller signed the contract; I truly was so excited and so relieved! This was the condo that she had a good feeling about and the one that I got lost in my thoughts about- picturing how my life could easily fit into it.

For a few hours I just got to enjoy the excitement, texting my family and close friends to tell them to the good news. Fast forward 4 hours later and to trying to figure out how to wire the earnest money, to picking an inspector, to talking to my realtor, to talking to my lawyer, and to realizing that there are so many stressful nuances to buying something!

I am done with my buying a condo to-do’s for the night and feel a sense of accomplishment- even through the bumps of stress. I want to be caustiously optomistic about this entire process, but mostly I just want to add pins to my new my Pinterest board entitled, “If I Knew How to Decorate, I would Do This…”


8 thoughts on “Day 12: Offer Accepted

  1. How exciting! I can not wait to hear more details about this place. The stress of home buying is intense, but remember you have a beautiful Board and Brush sign to hang! Maybe we should plan another painting afternoon.


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