Day 8: Trying to Unsee

Buying versus renting is not for the faint of heart…or at least my heart. Aside from the fear of emptying my savings account and worrying I’ll be stuck next to annoying neighbors and wondering if I’ll ever feel at home and praying it’s a safe place to live, I also am so visually impaired. I can’t unsee the old carpet or the outdated cabinets or the scuff marks on the paint or how to arrange the furniture.

As I was standing with my realtor tonight, I tried as hard as I could to look beyond all of the things I could easily fix, update, and replace and I tried to picture my life and all the important people and things I love in this space. I was thinking how Finnegan, my puppy would love to run around his new home and how he’d love to take naps in the sun that shone through the big windows. I could picture my family and friends coming over to hang out and how on summer nights it’d be so nice to open the sliding glass doors and let the cool breeze in or sit outside on the big patio, enjoying each other’s company.

In those few minutes tonight, I got a little lost in imagining how I could transform this condo into something that I would love and make it my home. I forgot about the less shiny side of things- the down payment, closing costs, and the endless list of updates I’d have to pay for to make it my home. I forgot, but just for a few moments, until my realtor asked, “So are you going to make an offer?” Back to reality.


2 thoughts on “Day 8: Trying to Unsee

  1. I didn’t know you were house hunting, Toni! Good for you. Eeks-def a scary thought of down payments, closing costs, and updates… You will find the perfect place and it will all be worth it.


  2. Great title. So good.

    Sooooo…. did you buy the crappy condo??

    I mean, that second paragraph had me sold. I love the way this piece switches from reality to your daydreams and right back to reality. It’s a really cool structure. Should totally be a mentor text for narrative writing.


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