Day 7: My BFF

Most days on my drive home from work I call my BFF Kelly; we’ve been friends since we were 6 years, so that’s 29 years in total! As we were chatting tonight about work- she’s a high school math teacher, I thought how cool it is that my best friend is a teacher too. How lucky that we share the same passion for education and face the same struggles. As I was listening to her talk about what she taught in calculus today, I found myself thinking about how smart she is and how I wish I had a math teacher in high school who cared as much and worked as hard for their students as she does.

In that moment I felt really proud of being her best friend and a little bit in awe of her because I couldn’t teach beyond 6th grade math and here she is, teaching calculus! I’d  never tell her I felt as such because our frienship just isn’t like that- so instead I just said, “Woah, that’s really cool!”  I choose to believe she took that as a sign of admiration!

See Kelly and I are opposite in most ways and if you know me, you know I am affectionate, have no problem expressing my appreciation for the people I love, and will throw out a hug at any moment! Kelly, not so much. Over the years I have accepted that about her.

Some might wonder how 2 people who are so different managed to maintain such a long friendship. Sometimes I wonder too. I think it just comes down to just liking a person for exactly who they are and seeing the best in them. Seems simple, but I’ve had a lot of friendships come and go in my day. So today I am happy I was present enough to recognize how talented and passionate Kelly is and take a moment to admire her- even if I never told her.

Our daily chat today ended like they all do, just a quick good-bye, with an “I’ll talk to you tomorrow.” And tomorrow, we will talk again, about nothing and everything, just like we have for the past 29 years.


4 thoughts on “Day 7: My BFF

  1. Wow! Since you were 6? What a beautiful friendship you two share, Toni. I’m assuming you went through elementary school together maybe? I do enjoy reflecting about my friends to see what wonderful and talented people they are…. I need to actually tell them that! Great Slice!


  2. Michelle says:

    I love this Toni! I have been friends with my Besties (who are twin sisters) since I was 12. I hate to do the math but that is 31 years. Crazy to think it has been that long. One is a third grade math teacher and we often have similar conversations about school stuff, to other stuff to lots of nothing too. Those are the best conversations.


  3. Such a good explanation of your friendship! Clearly you have a pretty great unspoken appreciation for each other. I’m certain she feels the same way about you… 29 years of friendship!!! So cool.


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