Day 4: Sleep is Worth it’s Weight in Gold!

Remember when you were little and you hated taking naps, but now you’d give up a kidney just to be able to take one every day? Remember when you were little and you never wanted to go to sleep and would beg for one more story or just 10 more minutes to stay up?

Fast forward to adulthood. Sleep is so much harder to come by and I often think about how many more hours it will be until I get to go back to sleep! And then the cruelty of it all is that even when you are so tired and so in need of sleep, it’s hard to actually fall asleep! When all the stars align and you get a good night’s sleep, it’s like magic because you feel like you can take on the day with a clear and rested mind.

It’s hard to put the day’s stress or excitement to rest and allow yourself to clear your mind. I’ve been struggling to sleep the past month or so and I’m determined to be asleep by 10pm tonight, despite the fact that I feel wide awake now, after having been a little sluggish all day. I’m trying all the things… no screen time 30 minutes before you want to go to sleep, writing down the days worries on paper to get them out of your mind, or even listening to calming sounds of nature to still my mind.

Here’s hoping one of those things works because I’d love to start my week feeling rested and ready to take it all on! Good night!




4 thoughts on “Day 4: Sleep is Worth it’s Weight in Gold!

  1. This is so true, Toni! I’d give someone $100 to force me to take a nap. Why did I take it for granted all those years?!

    I love how this Slice starts out with some humor and your voice, but then gets a little serious with the reasons sleep is important.

    Ahhhh, sleep….


  2. Wishing you the best nights sleep. This was actually my personal “curious classroom” question. I too struggle to turn my mind off. And yes, to be a kid again and want one more story or take a nap… No screen time is a hard one for me (as I type this comment on my phone). When you find something that works, you better let me know.

    Actually, I am relistening to the Power of Now. I’m hoping this helps to still my mind from too much thought. Fingers crossed!


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