Day 3: Looking Back to Move Forward

Today was by all accounts a tough day; my brothers and I began packing up my 80 year old father’s house. There are decades of memories to sort through, some more significant than others and the process of deciding what items would make it onto the moving truck was so much harder than I ever thought it would be.

In between the tossing of old notebooks, video cassette tapes of MacGyver (hello 80’s!), and old salt and pepper shakers, there were so many moments of pause looking through photo albums of a time where things just seemed so much more simple and laughing at old childhood art projects that further solidified that the Senese 7 were not artistically inclined.

I am the youngest of 7; 4 boys, 3 girls and in this little yellow house remained so many indications of our big, happy family. Time changes so much though. I realized that today. We aren’t kids anymore,  we all have busy lives and rarely have the opportunity to reminisce. Sometimes I think life has a way of slowing you down, even when you don’t want to.

This big change is coming for my family, but at least we had today, a chance to look back together and in so many ways, it is helping us to prepare to move forward.


5 thoughts on “Day 3: Looking Back to Move Forward

  1. Loved this post Toni! The title resonated with me in so many ways. Time is precious…always enjoy the moment and take time to reflect on the good times. XOXO


  2. Sara Tomasevich says:

    I was imagining all the various sensory based memories that come back when you see a picture, a piece of furniture, artwork, a cd, tape, VHS, etc.

    And yes, (sigh) times were so much simpler then.


  3. You know what one of my favorite things is? When a writer can pack so much into a small space. Nostalgia, family, hope, sadness, anticipation. It’s all here, and done with clean penstrokes. Thanks for this. Thanks for being willing to share the kinds of things to which we can all relate, even when it’s not easy.


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