Day 1: Happiness Jar

I am in pursuit. In pursuit of some many, many things. All the big and little things. Today and every day.

One day in early December I was fumbling around on Instagram and came across a repost of a post by Elizabeth Gilbert. You all know her… author of Eat, Pray, Love. Completely random, I know, but I started looking at her posts and 3 minutes turned into 15, and that turned into 30. You all know how that weird time continuum works whenever social media is involved. So anyway, I stumbled up this post of hers with this enormous jar filled with tiny pieces of paper.

It was a “Happiness Jar.” The premise of the jar is that each day you take a moment to pause and write your most happy moment. I was mildly intrigued by this idea, but wasn’t sold yet. I continued to read her post and was brought to a halt by the string of words she used to describe the experience of this daily spiritual practice.

She writes: “Give yourself this gift… it’s a wonderful way to bear witness to the almost invisible thread of grace that weaves through your own life.”

So today, “my happy” as I call it, was laughter. The laughter that prevails over stress. The laughter that superceeds circumstance. The laughter that for just a moment makes you feel like a care-free kid again. I know this might seem ordinary, but to me, laughter is like breathing. I cannot live without. I am, by all accounts, blessed to be surrounded by a few people, 5 or so, that fill me up with so much laughter.

I am in pursuit. In pursuit of some many, many things. All the big and little things. Today and every day.



11 thoughts on “Day 1: Happiness Jar

  1. you are tenacious in everything and are a constant fountain of brilliance and ideas and anything you pursue you will get. there’s so much of you in my classroom this year. i’m excited that, if there are any people out there who somehow do not yet know the incomparable Ms Senese, they will get the privilege through this.

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  2. So kind of like a gratitude journal, but with a jar. Do you know the book “14,000 things to be happy about”? It is like this; lists of the things she has noticed in life. I appreciate her word choice. I hope your jar brings you much happiness as you notice the things around you.

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  3. Michelle says:

    Toni, I love this! You ooze happiness and laughter. I love the notion of a happiness jar! I may just have to start that at home with my guys. Thank you for sharing this with us. And I am with Mark, bring that smile back our way!


  4. Hey, I have a Happiness Jar, too! A dear, dear friend gave it to me as a gift right when I needed it the very most.

    I love the way you wrote this. My favorite part: “All the big and little things. Today and every day.” I just love the balance of those lines, the rhythm of how they sort of mirror each other.

    I also love the idea of laughter that superceeds circumstance. I love that so much, and you’re making me realize now that that is the best kind of laughter, really.

    Such a great Slice. 🙂


  5. Toni, what a great idea! As a mom, everyday I try to recognize even the smallest bit of the joy of my kids. I should start writing down and saving those little moments. I think I will start my own jar. Thank you


  6. Nice work, friend. A perfect slice. I think between several of the blogs here we may be able to stitch together enough positive thoughts that we can find the solution to eternal happiness. Or at least Nirvana. I mean, that’s pretty good to, right? Thanks for the smile.


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