Day 21: Half Cup

Dana was totally right, it is everything… a cup of coffee or in my case, a half cup of coffee, is what has been missing from my afternoons! (I’m too afraid to drink a whole cup, for fear I won’t sleep tonight 🙂

I can’t attribute my late afternoon fatigue to my self-diagnosis of “stress-induced narcolepsy” so I’ll just say I’m tired after a busy day of teaching. I hate that feeling though, the tired in your bones kind of tired.

I’m not sure why I didn’t think of it before I read Dana’s blog, since coffee is a necessity every single morning, but I’m sure glad I did. The afternoon coffee has been life-changing… unless the half cup keeps me up all night and then I’ll write a new Slice tomorrow explaining my regret for listening to Dana 😉



Day 20: You Look Just Like Her


You look just like her.

Your smile.

Your laugh.

The way you carry yourself.

It’s uncanny, you look just like her.

I am always flattered when anyone compares me to her, it means more these days than it did when I was younger. Yesterday my family and I went to my cousin’s wedding and I have to say, I felt a little overwhelmed by the amount of people who told me how much I looked like her. Perhaps it was because they hadn’t seen me in a while or it is an observation that came about because of her absence.

It feels special to me though, to have people say I look like my mother; another way for me to feel connected to her.





Day 19: Domestic Failure

I really tried, I swear I did. I told myself that if I was consistent, diligent, and put my best foot forward, it wouldn’t end like it had three times before.

I have failed, yet again. I wonder what that says about me, as a person, that I can’t succeed at this.

People and dogs, it’s all I can a manage to keep alive. I feel bad, I really do, but I have failed yet again. I think about all of the good intentions I had with my 4th orchid and they all seem short-sighted now. It’s safe to say, there’s no bringing it back to life; the beautiful orchid is dead.

Should I try for a 5th?!



Day 18: I Want Off the Roller Coaster

😃 My Dunkin’ Donuts Coffee was on point

😩 2 of my students cried before 8:30am 😥

😀  7 of my kiddos were on the winning Battle of the Books team 👏👏👏

😩 Lunch/Recess drama, more tears 😥

😀 The class did an amazing job during our reading lesson 📖📚

😩 The caffeine has worn off 💤

😀 Finished my lessons plans during my plan time ✍

😩 Music class , Recorder Karate disappointment, almost more tears 🎼

😀 Finally, getting in my car to go home 🚗

Annnnddddd, the roller coaster has officially stopped….Until Monday.




Day 16: Technically, It’s Not a Real Thing

I swear, stress-induced narcolepsy is a real thing! Despite being told by a family friend, who happens to be a doctor, that it is not and that I just come from a long lineage for nappers, I still think it is real!

With some less than enjoyable news today, I felt like I could have fallen alseep in my classroom library or just about anywhere really. Everyone has their vices when they feel stressed, I just nap. I’m still a believer that any problem can be solved by a good, 2-3 hour nap.

To test that theory and in conjunction with my self-diagnosis of “stress-induced narcolepsy” I came home from work and took a long nap. I feel like the nap definitely counter-acted that sick feeling you get when things seem uncertain, so it was a minor victory all around.




Day 15: Uh My Sticker!

I had not drank even one sip of coffee or put an ounce of make-up on when I excitedly showed up to Precinct 9 this morning, so happy to exercise my right to vote.

After voting I fed my ballot through the machine, smiled and paused for a second, waiting for the volunteer to say “thank you for voting” and hand me an “I Voted” sticker. I quickly scanned the small folding table next to the machine and did not see any stickers, so I asked the volunteer, “Ummm, do I get a sticker?”

I’m positive my inquisitive face was a little dramatic because, well, I’m an adult and who really cares about a sticker?

“We don’t have any stickers.” She said directly.

“Whaaaaattttt? Whyyyyyyyy?” I said in the most whiny voice, that was exacerbated by the early hour and no coffee.

The kind volunteer explained that “they” are being sued and therefore cannot give  stickers to voters because it is discriminatory. (I don’t exactly know who “they” are, perhaps she meant the church where my voting precinct is or maybe she meant Kendall County.) Either way, I was shocked and totally confused about how a sticker can be discriminatory. I’ve been thinking about it all day- is the “I Voted” sticker somehow subliminally discriminatory?

The worst part is, I didn’t even know I wanted a sticker so badly until a sticker was no longer an option. Did I even really vote if I don’t have the validation of the sticker? How would I Instagram the obligatory picture of me with my “I Voted” sticker? I know, I know, this can be filed  under things that are not actually real problems, but uh, I want my sticker!

Thank goodness for my teaching partner, who was able to shed some light on the importance of the “I Voted” sticker.






Day 14: Stand In Their Light

Children, they have this light around them, that sometimes adults need to borrow when all the “adult” things seem to feel too overwhelming. I am grateful for this borrowed light my students lend to me whenever I need it and the silliness they bring to the most unlikely situations.

Sometimes I don’t always recognize these little nuggets of light until later and they’ll pop into my brain on my drive home or when I’m working after school; I find myself LOL’ing as the details of the day come back to me.

I have to start writing down the crazy things they say, for a day when I need a good laugh or a reminder of why I love teaching so much!



Day 13: My Love of Brunch Runs Deep

My love of brunch runs deep for so many reasons. There is something about sharing a meal with friends on a late Sunday morning that feels intimate. It’s hard to imagine that it could feel intimate because brunch in Chicago sort of feels like you are being squeezed into the smallest space imaginable just to eat!

I love brunch in the springtime because you can finally sit outside (today was too chilly, but I can sense outdoor brunch seating is in the near future). Bongo Room was our brunch choice this morning and it never disappoints! It might be the hustle and bustle of the waiters or the line of people who are relieved when their name is called or perhaps (and most likely) it is the smell of their toffee, banana pancakes that makes me feel happy to be out and about with some of my favorite people.

As my first hot cup of coffee was being poured, I thought how it is most always the simple things in life that I cherish the most. I always put these small moments in my pocket, as a gentle reminder of things to be thankful for. My friends most notably, I am so thankful for and the laugh until you cry moments we share.






Day 12: Running Behind

Why is it that I am perpetually running 15-20 minutes behind in my personal life, but get to work 45 minutes early every single day! I was dressed and all ready to go downtown, when I remembered I had to blog… I knew my punctuality was a fleeting notion and was too good to be true!

My closet has officially exploded, I managed to drop my curling iron on my foot (ouch!), and while rushing around, stepped on my poor dog’s paw! But, all the mishaps were worth it because I was right on time, until I realized I forgot to write.

I just think it’s odd, now that I’ve given myself this extra time to think, why am I always late?! I hate the feeling, I really do. My friends are gracious and wait for my obligatory, “So Sorry, running 15 behind” text and laugh as I rush saying hello and offer a few more apologies.

Tonight, I have a better excuse than I couldn’t decide what to wear- I mean, I’m kind of a semi-professional blogger now (12 blog posts total, including today) and had to fulfill my obligation! Totally kidding, but it makes for a good story as I apologize for being late… yet again.