Day 30: Binge Watching

Confession… I love reality TV and I’m still afraid to admit it, but figure that 90% of the people who will read this don’t know me, so it’s a safe place to confess!

I have done a great job today at binge watching everything from the Kardashian’s to the Real Housewives of NYC and Beverly Hills, oh and the worst one of all, Vanderpump Rules! I’m embarrassed to say that I even shed a few tears, but mostly laughed at the insanity of these people!

I think I like to watch reality TV because it is so mindless that I can disconnect for a little bit and not think about real life. I don’t have to think about my work bag that has been unceromoniously¬†moved to the hall closet, I don’t have to think about the sizeable To-Do List that is sitting on my kitchen counter, or the fact that I should probably clean something… all I have to think about is, well nothing actually, these shows are as vapid as they come and no thinking is required!


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