Day 29: HBD Nancy Teresa

Today was a day to celebrate my sister Nancy, the first-born in our family and quite possibly the most beloved of us all. We all just adore her for so many reasons: her humor, generosity of spirit, unconditional love, intelligence, and her authenticity is something to be admired.

I look to her for all of the reasons above and she feels like a constant, in what is otherwise a very unpredictable world. We are 18 years apart, she the oldest and I am the youngest, but we are as close as any 2 sisters can be. No one makes me laugh harder or looks out for me and my best interest more.

Tonight we all got together to sing and eat cake in her honor. I love to sort of sit back and watch my 4 brothers dote on her, tease her, and recount memories from their childhood together. I always feel a little left out because when Catherine and I were born my other 5 siblings were all teenagers. They have the most hilarious stories, many of them centering around Nancy and all the mischievous things they all got into together as children.

What a quiet, but special night, to celebrate someone who means so much to everyone in my family.



2 thoughts on “Day 29: HBD Nancy Teresa

  1. Your story reminds me of my ex-husband’s oldest sister (Theresa). She is the glue that holds the family together. They have a large family too, so plenty of stories to share. Congratulations to your sister.


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