Day 28: I Almost Forgot

I almost forgot to blog today! As I was driving home from dinner with friends I had this weird feeling like I was forgetting something and then I realized it was because I hadn’t blogged yet!

Today was a busy, but great day- I froze my butt off watching my niece’s softball game and then warmed up over a good lunch together. I love having this time off because I’m able to do little things that during the work week I’m not typically able to. My family is enormous so there is always something fun going on and I was happy to watch Francesca play so well, especially since it is her senior year.

After that, Finnegan had to get all his shots and was such a tough little guy! I even was able to fit in a nap before dinner with friends.So far, my skills in relaxing have come in handy, but my workaholic tendencies, I fear, are beginning to get rear their ugly head. I got a little antsy today as I looked at my work bag with stacks of writing to grade inside, but only for a second, as I moved my work bag from the table into the hall closet…out of sight, out of mind!


8 thoughts on “Day 28: I Almost Forgot

  1. I wrote about relaxing today too (but I did do a little work today). I have had a day or two this month when I almost forgot to slice. It’s funny having that “I think I’m forgetting something” feeling about writing. Enjoy these less busy days!


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