Day 25: I’m Jumpy

I am a jumpy person, I scare easily and I’ve been this way since I was little. With 6 older siblings this quickly became one of the many ways they to tortured and teased me throughout my childhood. Honestly, they still try to scare me, it’s so easy, but makes them laugh pretty hard at my ridiculous reaction!

About an hour ago I took my dog, Finnegan for a walk and as we were walking down the sidewalk, a huge dog, that I would later find out was a Rottweiler, starting barking so loudly that I literally fell into a huge bush! I was so startled by this aggressive bark that seemingly came out of nowhere, that I lost my balance and well, found myself struggling to get out of the bush!

Several apologies later, and a helping hand from the other dog owner, I was out of the bush and on my way. I was fairly embarrassed and thought to myself that no one I know just saw me dive into a bush because of a dog barking, so I’m all good.

Less than 3 minutes later I called my sister Nancy to tell her my embarrassing story because I just had to tell someone of my new “I’m jumpy” low. Of course she laughed and made fun of me, but I expected that!

She’s super excited to tell everyone on Easter of my unfortunate incident and I can’t blame her.



8 thoughts on “Day 25: I’m Jumpy

  1. mrssurridge says:

    Ha! That’s a great story for an Easter family gathering. However, I’m thinking that an unknown Rottweiler bark may send anyone into a bush.


  2. This cracked me up because I can soooooo relate! My sister and brother would do anything to scare me, too! My husband and son now plague me, so I did not get away from it in adulthood! What a darling story!

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