Day 18: I Want Off the Roller Coaster

😃 My Dunkin’ Donuts Coffee was on point

😩 2 of my students cried before 8:30am 😥

😀  7 of my kiddos were on the winning Battle of the Books team 👏👏👏

😩 Lunch/Recess drama, more tears 😥

😀 The class did an amazing job during our reading lesson 📖📚

😩 The caffeine has worn off 💤

😀 Finished my lessons plans during my plan time ✍

😩 Music class , Recorder Karate disappointment, almost more tears 🎼

😀 Finally, getting in my car to go home 🚗

Annnnddddd, the roller coaster has officially stopped….Until Monday.




11 thoughts on “Day 18: I Want Off the Roller Coaster

  1. The emoji’s add a nice touch to this piece and remind us that writing can take many forms: it’s all about communicating our message. Glad the ride has come to a complete stop!


  2. mrssurridge says:

    Oh my goodness. This is the perfect example of my day. Good thing it’s Friday night and I have time for a glass of wine. Hopefully you have time to just do something with no bumps for the next two days.


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