Day 16: Technically, It’s Not a Real Thing

I swear, stress-induced narcolepsy is a real thing! Despite being told by a family friend, who happens to be a doctor, that it is not and that I just come from a long lineage for nappers, I still think it is real!

With some less than enjoyable news today, I felt like I could have fallen alseep in my classroom library or just about anywhere really. Everyone has their vices when they feel stressed, I just nap. I’m still a believer that any problem can be solved by a good, 2-3 hour nap.

To test that theory and in conjunction with my self-diagnosis of “stress-induced narcolepsy” I came home from work and took a long nap. I feel like the nap definitely counter-acted that sick feeling you get when things seem uncertain, so it was a minor victory all around.




8 thoughts on “Day 16: Technically, It’s Not a Real Thing

  1. Toni, naps are actually really good for you. Now, you may be pushing it with a 2-3 hour nap… I think 20 – 30 minutes is what they recommend. And by ‘they,’ I mean me. 🙂

    I have high hopes about your bad news, BTW. Really high hopes. This is just a formality in my opinion.

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