Day 15: Uh My Sticker!

I had not drank even one sip of coffee or put an ounce of make-up on when I excitedly showed up to Precinct 9 this morning, so happy to exercise my right to vote.

After voting I fed my ballot through the machine, smiled and paused for a second, waiting for the volunteer to say “thank you for voting” and hand me an “I Voted” sticker. I quickly scanned the small folding table next to the machine and did not see any stickers, so I asked the volunteer, “Ummm, do I get a sticker?”

I’m positive my inquisitive face was a little dramatic because, well, I’m an adult and who really cares about a sticker?

“We don’t have any stickers.” She said directly.

“Whaaaaattttt? Whyyyyyyyy?” I said in the most whiny voice, that was exacerbated by the early hour and no coffee.

The kind volunteer explained that “they” are being sued and therefore cannot give  stickers to voters because it is discriminatory. (I don’t exactly know who “they” are, perhaps she meant the church where my voting precinct is or maybe she meant Kendall County.) Either way, I was shocked and totally confused about how a sticker can be discriminatory. I’ve been thinking about it all day- is the “I Voted” sticker somehow subliminally discriminatory?

The worst part is, I didn’t even know I wanted a sticker so badly until a sticker was no longer an option. Did I even really vote if I don’t have the validation of the sticker? How would I Instagram the obligatory picture of me with my “I Voted” sticker? I know, I know, this can be filed  under things that are not actually real problems, but uh, I want my sticker!

Thank goodness for my teaching partner, who was able to shed some light on the importance of the “I Voted” sticker.






9 thoughts on “Day 15: Uh My Sticker!

  1. Congratulations for voting! My absentee ballot was due last week and I made it 10 minutes before the deadline (sans sticker). It’s funny how expectations can make or break the initial feeling- sorry your sticker was missing!


  2. This is my new favorite.

    I love how you took us with you to the voting booth at the early hour – with no coffee and no make-up. I love how you shared your inner thoughts with us (How would I Instagram this moment? And I didn’t even know I wanted a sticker so badly until a sticker was no longer an option.)

    You totally deserved a sticker, damn it.

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