Day 14: Stand In Their Light

Children, they have this light around them, that sometimes adults need to borrow when all the “adult” things seem to feel too overwhelming. I am grateful for this borrowed light my students lend to me whenever I need it and the silliness they bring to the most unlikely situations.

Sometimes I don’t always recognize these little nuggets of light until later and they’ll pop into my brain on my drive home or when I’m working after school; I find myself LOL’ing as the details of the day come back to me.

I have to start writing down the crazy things they say, for a day when I need a good laugh or a reminder of why I love teaching so much!



6 thoughts on “Day 14: Stand In Their Light

  1. I totally agree Toni! Sometimes the day is so crazy that you don’t realize or appreciate the silliness or comments until later. I want in on that book with you and mark 🙂


  2. Ha- I was going to say what Kristi said above. I often think their parents would die if they heard half of what we teachers hear. I am always grateful to have someone to share these gems with so that I do not burst. I love the idea of standing in their light! Kids just have unique ways of looking at things that we can learn from.


  3. This is so true, Toni. I love how you describe it as a light – that’s exactly what it is.

    This is why coaches sometimes talk about needing a “kid fix.” We don’t get their light as much as you guys do, and we miss it.

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