Day 13: My Love of Brunch Runs Deep

My love of brunch runs deep for so many reasons. There is something about sharing a meal with friends on a late Sunday morning that feels intimate. It’s hard to imagine that it could feel intimate because brunch in Chicago sort of feels like you are being squeezed into the smallest space imaginable just to eat!

I love brunch in the springtime because you can finally sit outside (today was too chilly, but I can sense outdoor brunch seating is in the near future). Bongo Room was our brunch choice this morning and it never disappoints! It might be the hustle and bustle of the waiters or the line of people who are relieved when their name is called or perhaps (and most likely) it is the smell of their toffee, banana pancakes that makes me feel happy to be out and about with some of my favorite people.

As my first hot cup of coffee was being poured, I thought how it is most always the simple things in life that I cherish the most. I always put these small moments in my pocket, as a gentle reminder of things to be thankful for. My friends most notably, I am so thankful for and the laugh until you cry moments we share.






6 thoughts on “Day 13: My Love of Brunch Runs Deep

  1. Brunch. The word alone evokes a sense of joy, so it was pure happiness to imagine outdoor dining, and toffee banana pancakes, which I’m certain i should travel to Chicago for, and the sound of friends squished together and chatting. Thank you for this slice. Now, I wish I’d gone to brunch today!

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  2. You have found something I dare say we can all agree to love- brunch! I love your descriptions of it and the hustle and bustle with friends in a favorite place. I love the image of putting small moments in a pocket!

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  3. Brunch – it’s my favorite meal. Shared with friends makes it a favorite moment. And toffee banana pancakes? A simply divine choice! Glad it made for a delightful Sunday morning for you and your friends.


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