Day 12: Running Behind

Why is it that I am perpetually running 15-20 minutes behind in my personal life, but get to work 45 minutes early every single day! I was dressed and all ready to go downtown, when I remembered I had to blog… I knew my punctuality was a fleeting notion and was too good to be true!

My closet has officially exploded, I managed to drop my curling iron on my foot (ouch!), and while rushing around, stepped on my poor dog’s paw! But, all the mishaps were worth it because I was right on time, until I realized I forgot to write.

I just think it’s odd, now that I’ve given myself this extra time to think, why am I always late?! I hate the feeling, I really do. My friends are gracious and wait for my obligatory, “So Sorry, running 15 behind” text and laugh as I rush saying hello and offer a few more apologies.

Tonight, I have a better excuse than I couldn’t decide what to wear- I mean, I’m kind of a semi-professional blogger now (12 blog posts total, including today) and had to fulfill my obligation! Totally kidding, but it makes for a good story as I apologize for being late… yet again.


4 thoughts on “Day 12: Running Behind

  1. As you know I am always late. I don’t know at what point in my life I started to be like that, but I know how you feel. It is annoying! I am not sure if blogging is a good excuse why you are late though. Your friends may find you a little lame for that. Have fun tonight and don’t do anything that I wouldn’t do!


  2. Growing up with a mom who was chronically late I was determined to never be late. KL traffic has made me late once or twice- I always bank on traffic, but sometimes it is just outrageous! At least you have a new and valid reason! Glad you are a blogger!


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