Day 11: In 4th Grade, We Dance!

This week has been so busy and my kiddos handled each challenge like champs! We had many discussions about being in the “Learning Pit” (metaphor for the struggles that the learning process can present to learners) and today all my students felt like they had made their way out!

I love ending the week on such a positive note and to celebrate we have what we affectionately call a “10 second silent dance party!” This little dance party is a way for us to acknowledge the hard work they have all put in and how much they have grown as learners. It makes me smile to think about how much they love this quick, but fun celebration, and of course I love to see them show off their latest dance moves!






10 thoughts on “Day 11: In 4th Grade, We Dance!

  1. Yes – these little celebrations matter so much! This is reason #546 why I love being in your classroom – it’s rigorous, challenging, serious…. yet fun all the same time!


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