Day 8: 73 Degrees and Sunny

I left work today at 3:45pm and this has literally never happened. Today was too perfect of a day and I couldn’t pass up taking advantage of it!

I love spring, everything about it- the idea of a fresh start, letting the sun shine on your face after so many months of gray, and the gentle breeze that awakens you from the slumber of winter. I also love how a change in the weather makes everyone feel more energetic and spontaneous!

I took a couple of hours to embrace what this possible fleeting day of spring has to offer. I called a friend and luckily she was up for a little shopping and a quick cocktail with outdoor seating!

Maybe, just maybe, I am starting figure out the whole work/life balance thing! Cheers to spring!


5 thoughts on “Day 8: 73 Degrees and Sunny

  1. Living in a land of eternal summer (Malaysia) the only season I miss is spring! There is nothing like the hint of what is to come! It sounds like you made great use of the magic!


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